Portola Mathletes Place Fourth in Esteemed Competition

Portola Mathletes 2013Ten Portola students out-brained most of the competition at the annual MathCounts challenge at UC Berkeley on Saturday. The competition drew more than 135 students from 19 area middle schools, and when it was all over, Portola earned a fourth-place award, ahead of Head Royce, King, and Prospect Sierra schools.

For the third time in five years, a Portola student–-this time it was Gwennie Gilbert-Snyder–-also finished in the top five individual competitors, which qualifies her to represent Portola Middle School at the California State MathCounts Competition in March.

Congratulations go to these awesome mathletes and their parents, and also to the perseverance of WCCUSD Board member and Math Club volunteer Todd Groves. Dozens of other volunteers, teachers, and donors to the new math pullout program for high-level math performers also deserve a shout out. Results like these are not a fluke, nor did they happen overnight.

Competitors included six 8th graders (Nicholas Adion, Muhammad Arsalan, Gwennie Gilbert-Snyder, Helen Gilbert-Snyder, Katrina Ireland, and Ramon Verdin) and four 7th graders (Raqueeb Chang, Athena Lynch, Abdul Mohiz, and Marcelo Monsalve).

The top five out of the 19 schools participating in our area for the national MathCounts competition this year:

1.  Diablo Vista Middle School

2.  Black Pine Circle School

3.  Alvarado Middle School

4.  Portola Middle School

5.  Head Royce School

P.S. It’s never too late to make your donation to the innovative math enrichment program that math-talented Portola students enjoy. Click the I LOVE MATH button to get in on the success: